About NRGValue

NRGValue is an independent Dutch business, specialising in petrol and convenience retailing. We own a network of over 100 Esso petrol stations spread around The Netherlands.

NRGValue was set up in 2012 and started as an independent retail organisation in 2014. Through the acquisition of a large Esso network in 2015 NRG Value quickly gained a significant position within the Dutch petrol station network. Daily at our 100 petrol stations we have around 500 colleagues ready to ensure our clients receive the best service. Here we offer the best fuels combined with an attractive and contemporary food service and food retail choice.
We are constantly busy optimising our shop choices by looking into the varied requirements of the clients and current food trends. We have recently launched our own food concept: QICHI. With QICHI we are striving to create a new standard for the backcourt of petrol stations, whereby the quality of the food products and the experience of the client are paramount.


QICHI is a new food concept specifically created for high traffic locations. QICHI offers a fresh, diverse choice of foods which are prepared on sight. In pleasant, inspiring surroundings where the client can really re-charge his battery. Our goal: to create the perfect pit stop

On arrival visitors are welcomed by a host and guided through the new concept. In the open kitchen chefs prepare ‘a la minute’ fresh, contemporary meals, varying from sushi, pizzas and BBQ burgers to all sorts of smoothie drinks. There is a barista island with freshly ground piston coffee and handmade ice cream in various amazing flavours. The carefully planned area ensures that our guests who are in a hurry have their needs met and can quickly resume their journey full of renewed energy.

At the moment there is a pilot of the QICHI food concept at Esso Ruyven. This research will enable NRG Value to realise its ambition to roll out the concept across the rest of the network. How widely spread this will be will depend on the space available per location.

Read more about QICHI at www.qichifood.com